How to check your Sea-Doo Personal Watercraft steering alignment?

When it comes to enjoying every Sea-Doo adventure to the fullest, your personal watercraft steering plays a big part. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of carving through the waves at will. Many factors, like current, wind, water conditions and more, can affect PWC handling. However, on rare occasions, you may find your watercraft pulling to one side or the other in perfectly calm water. The following steps will show you how to adjust the steering on your Sea-Doo personal watercraft. 

NOTE: This process outlines adjusting the steering on a 2021 Sea-Doo GTX 300 Limited PWC. The process on other models may vary slightly, so consult your operator’s guide.

Tools required to adjust the steering on your Sea-Doo PWC

  • T30 Torx screwdriver


Sea-Doo personal watercraft steering adjustment process


Safely park your PWC on a lift or trailer with the trailer tires securely chocked.


Override the iBR (Intelligent Brake and Reverse) system. Place your key tether on the DESS post and press the start/stop button to activate the electronics. Do not hold the button to start the personal watercraft. Hold the iBR lever on the left. The dash will display “iBR Override.” Press the Mode button. Then use the up arrow on either keypad to lift the reverse bucket.


Set jet pump to the straight position by moving the nozzle with your hand. Insert a 10 mm or ⅜ in. bolt through the trimming ring located on the underside of the nozzle.

Sea-Doo Pro Tip: Place a piece of electrical tape under the bolt to secure it into place.


Remove the top cover of your PWC. Using your T30 Torx screwdriver, remove the two screws to easily remove the top cover.


Slide down the locking collar on the steering adjuster with your hand, towards the front of the PWC. Next, adjust the steering to return the handlebars to the straight position.

If the Sea-Doo PWC is pulling left while you ride, you’ll want to turn the steering adjustment clockwise. If it’s pulling right, turn the adjustment counterclockwise. Make small adjustments to start, then go test-ride your personal watercraft and reassess if needed.


Slide the locking collar back into place.


Reinstall the top cover and secure it into place with the two screws you previously removed.

With your Sea-Doo PWC steering adjustment done, it’s ready to guide you straight and true on your next adventure on the water. If you have any questions or are having difficulty getting the correct PWC steering alignment, be sure to reach out to your authorized Sea-Doo dealer. We’ll see you on the water!