Last Update: February 10, 2023

In many areas around the world, we are all missing being out on the water and enjoying the warmer weather.

While some of you are thinking of your next adventure, we want you to know that we already have inventory at the dealerships. On top of that, we are not planning any delays in delivering the 2023 Personal Watercraft and Sea-Doo Switch to the dealers.

We continue to pay close attention to the questions and concerns you've posted on community groups and social platforms, and we believe the video below still answers your most common feedback.

Also, we understand you'd like to know the precise timing for your upcoming delivery. But, your dealer remains the main point of contact for specific questions regarding your order.

We’ll continue to do our best to share new information with you and our dealers as it becomes available. We sincerely appreciate your continued trust in the Sea-Doo brand.

Your dedicated Sea-Doo Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-ordering is still the best way to secure your Sea-Doo. That’s why it’s important to get a sense of what we need to produce as soon as possible after launch. Logging pre-orders earlier remains our best way to anticipate our production needs.

Yes. BRP's supply chain continues to be impacted by two factors during the pandemic: rising raw material costs and increased shipping costs. Because of rising costs, BRP has put in place a commodity surcharge for Sea-Doo, Ski-Doo, Lynx, Can-Am Off-Road and Can-Am On-Road vehicles.

We took actions like paying more than the regular price for some purchase parts, chartered planes to get hard-to-reach parts to our production facilities, asked our employees to work over their regular work schedules and increased our production capacity to lessen the impact on you.

For a refund of your deposit, please contact your dealer directly. If further assistance is required, you can also call us at 1-888-272-9222.

Yes, BRP’s factories across the globe are operational and our production teams are working overtime. BRP has added additional shifts to increase production capacity, and we’ve expanded our production facilities to accommodate current and future growth.

Yes, in an effort to get vehicles to dealers and then to customers as quickly as possible, BRP has adopted a model of shipping units with delayed components to be installed at a later time at the dealership when the parts become available. After that, your dealer will deliver your product to you as expected.

Due to the production supply constraints, it could be possible that modifications will need to be made. Check with your dealer on whether your order is impacted by these changes.

Please check with your dealer for the latest information on any parts or accessories impacted by delays.

Your local BRP dealer has the most accurate shipping information and we recommend working with them directly.

We are investing in ways to maintain our production levels and are doing everything possible to deliver your product on time. Rest assured you have the entire BRP workforce dedicated to making this happen for you.

It is essential for us to deliver the quality products you expect so BRP remains committed to our high-quality standards, regardless of the production constraints we had experienced.

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