How do you get back on a Sea-Doo after falling off?

As is the case when learning any new sport, odds are good you’ll fall off your Sea-Doo during the early stages of ownership. It’s all part of the learning curve…and the fun. Riders may also wish to stop the craft and get in the water just to take a refreshing dip or swim. When it’s time to reboard, follow these steps to quickly and easily get back on the craft.

1. First, always make sure the engine of your craft has stopped before approaching. If you were the driver, a fall should have disconnected the safety lanyard, stopping the engine. If you were a passenger and the driver is still aboard, make sure they stop the engine and disconnect the safety lanyard. Never approach the craft if it’s running…the intake of the jet pump as well as the thrust from the pump nozzle can cause serious injury.

2. Once you’re certain the engine is not running, swim back to the stern of the craft. There, many models include a flip-down boarding step that will pivot down into the water. With one hand, take a hold of the rear grab handle, located at the back end of the saddle, and then pull yourself upward until you can get a foot onto the boarding step. Use that step and the handhold to then pull yourself upwards until you can get your opposite knee onto the swim platform.

3. You can then climb back aboard the craft and into a seated position on the saddle. Should your craft not include a boarding step, the process is much the same, except you’ll need to muscle yourself aboard more with your upper body until you can get a knee onto the swim platform.

Tip? Practice reboarding your craft from the water before you venture out on those first few rides to familiarize yourself with the process. That way you won’t have any surprises when a fall or swim takes place farther from shore.

Should your craft not feature a boarding step, consider adding one. Several styles are available, including the broad step used on most full-sized craft and the more compact version typically reserved for the SPARK.

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