What do I do if water gets in the Sea-Doo?

Whether it’s from rainwater that seeps in through a seat left ajar during storage, aggressive riding where the bow is frequently buried below the waves or even a saddle that wasn’t properly latched and sealed after removal, water may occasionally get inside the engine compartment of your craft.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of minimal, nuisance water is to simply ride your watercraft. A Sea-Doo’s onboard bailer system uses the natural suction of the jet pump to pull water out from inside the hull, emptying the hull of water as you ride. Though access is somewhat limited, it also may be possible to bail or sponge out water before you launch or leave the dock.

To minimize water intrusion, store your watercraft on the trailer with drain plugs loose and the bow slightly elevated to prevent rain water from collecting. After you pull the craft out at the launch ramp, likewise loosen the drain plug to drain away any water as you drive home. If possible, leave the saddle off or access panels removed for several hours after a ride to allow time for remaining water to evaporate before covering the craft. When out riding, avoid continuously dunking the bow of the craft or riding so aggressively that you risk capsizing the boat. Should you capsize, always refer to the prominent warning label at the stern that details in which direction you should ride the craft to prevent the potential of water entering the engine.

Should you find any significant amount of water in the engine compartment and it hasn’t rained and you haven’t been out riding, take the craft to the dealer for inspection and maintenance to make sure there are no leaking cooling lines, loose hose clamp fittings or unforeseen damage.

Taking care of your craft while in storage, covering it to ward off rainwater, and avoiding extreme riding behavior when underway will go a long way toward eliminating water intrusion. Keep that water outside the hull, where it belongs.

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