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It's no secret why people love living the Sea-Doo Life

Those who have had a taste of the Sea-Doo Life have a hard time putting it down! There's something about it that keeps them coming back for more. Ready to discover what that "something" is?

Switch Consumer Reviews

How would you describe your experience aboard the new Sea-Doo Switch Pontoons? We asked this group of passionate boating enthusiasts at a recent demo ride in Georgia. Superior handling, ease of use, braking and just an all-out good time on the water – there’s just nothing like a Sea-Doo Switch.

Switch Media Reviews

We brought some of the industry's leading critics out on the water to test out 2022 Sea-Doo Switch pontoon models. Watch their reactions and you'll understand why they think the new Sea-Doo Switch has changed the pontoon and boating world.

Switch Deep Dive Review

Peter McKinnon breaks down all the details that make Sea-Doo Switch pontoons a Sea-Doo Life experience unlike anything else on the water.

2022 Minneapolis Innovation Awards

Sea-Doo Switch Pontoons

We are beyond honored to receive the NMMA and Boating Writers International Innovation Award for the Sea-Doo Switch Pontoon at the Minneapolis Boat Show.

Sea‑Doo RXP‑X

2021 Watercraft of the Year

Best of the Best

Watercraft Journal has named the Sea-Doo RXP-X its 2021 Watercraft of the Year. Reimagined and power-hungry, it’s the most ambitious race-ready machine around. Check out what makes our watercraft deserving of such a prestigious title.


  • Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 Named to Boating Industry’s 2021 Top Products

    Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 Named to Boating Industry’s 2021 Top Products

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  • Sea-Doo GTI Receives “Watercraft of the Year” Award

    Sea-Doo GTI Receives “Watercraft of the Year” Award

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