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The 2023 Lineup

So many ways to enjoy the Sea‑Doo Life

Choose fun. Choose adventure. Choose the ride of a lifetime – any time you want. The 2023 lineup is packed with exciting, new experiences. Hop on, rev it up and enjoy the open water with friends and family.

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2023 Switch Lineup

Every day is a vacation day

Kick back and take a break from life on the land. The Switch is perfect for relaxing with the family or taking them on a wild tubing ride. It's easy to drive, fully configurable and totally fun.

2023 Personal Watercraft

Hop on your getaway vehicle

It's time for your great escape. To see new places. To do something new. There's a whole world of water out there, waiting to be explored. And whatever you're looking for, you'll find it while riding a Sea-Doo.

Personalize your Sea‑Doo

There’s more than one way to live the Sea-Doo life, and more than one way to make your ride your own. Create your personal definition of cool by choosing accessories that speak to who you are.

New level of fun on the water

Available in summer 2024, the new Sea-Doo Rise, an all-electric hydrofoil board, is perfect for the entire family and for those seeking to rise above the water and enjoy a more athletic Sea-Doo Life.

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Find the perfect Sea‑Doo

Let us know your preferences, and we’ll help you choose the perfect ride.