Fish On!

The expanded 2022 Fish Pro Lineup delivers more innovative ways to feed your passion

It's a Way of Life

Whether fishing is an occassional hobby or your life's ambition, the 2022 Fish Pro Family has a ride perfectly outfitted for you.

Discover the 2022 Sea-Doo Lineup

More ways than ever to live the Sea-Doo Life

All Access Fishing

Amazing fun and versatility. With the Fish Pro Scout you can catch the bite on local waters and transform the adventure into family fun in an instant.

For the Fishing Fanatic

The Fish Pro Trophy delivers tournament-level fishing features requested from anglers around the world who never put down their rod and reel.

Vibrantly Bold

Eye-poppingly brilliant colors add another level to every ride. Make a statement wherever you go with the 2022 Sea-Doo PWC Lineup.

New Ways to Level Up the Sea-Doo Life

There are more ways than ever to add your own style and take your Sea-Doo watercraft to the next level.


Immerse yourself in the Sea-Doo Life with the BRP GO! app and discover more in every ride.

New Duds for the Perfect Fit

Discover the comfort and style of the Sea-Doo Life. The perfect fit for whatever way you choose to spend time on the water.

There's so much more to discover

Extend the thrills beyond Sea-Doo and experience what our other powersports brands have to offer. There’s plenty of playgrounds to explore for every rider (and ride)!