Do you need a license to ride a Sea‑Doo?

Depending on where you ride your Sea-Doo around the US and Canada, laws on boating licenses change. Learn how to get a watercraft license and take a boater safety course so you can navigate with confidence.

Riding your Sea-Doo in Canada

All PWC operators in Canada must have a valid boating license to drive a personal watercraft. The Canadian Boating License, also known as the PCOC (Pleasure Craft Operator Card), is required for all ages, type of watercraft and engine power.

Find more info about rules and regulations in your province : Proof of competency for recreational boaters.

Operating a Sea-Doo in the United States

Forty-two of the 50 US states have mandatory boater education laws that apply to PWC operators. This means passing an approved boater safety course and obtaining an operator card or certificate. Select US states require that minors over a certain age who operate a personal watercraft must be accompanied by an adult with a valid boating license.

Click here to find out what your laws are and how to get a watercraft license.

Boater safety courses

Sea-Doo always recommends that everyone takes a boater safety course to gain invaluable knowledge for riding on the water.

  1. You’ll learn how to handle your PWC like a pro, safely interact with other boaters, and navigate the “road signs” of the water like buoys and markers.
  2. You’ll even find out tips for reading the weather so you won’t get stuck in a storm

Bonus: Boater safety courses can also save you money on insurance.

Watch the Sea‑Doo safety video

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