Live the
Sea-Doo life

An ocean of possibilities

Your Sea-Doo Life is all about good times, rides and making it your own. There's no wrong way to live it. So come ride.

Switch it up

The all-new configurable pontoon with the heart of a Sea-Doo has made a splash. Fun and easy to drive, it also adapts to whatever activity you’re doing. See how you can Switch it up on the water.

Line up for fun

Whether you enjoy spending time with friends or feeling your heartbeat through your chest, we’ve got a new personal watercraft lineup that’s sure to please.

Next-level Performance

What happens when Sea-Doo partners up with Daniel Ricciardo? You get the most exclusive high-performance personal watercraft ever created.

Safety Week

How to make every ride as safe as it is fun

Safe travels on the water

Safety matters every ride, and during Safe Boating Awareness Week, the boating community rallies around responsible riding. Learn how to apply the 3 pillars of a respectful outing: safety, environment and etiquette.

Suit up

Kick-start the season with warm and protective riding gear

Endless fun is on the horizon

All-day fun on the water calls for quality wetsuits and riding gear. Check out our new collection that will keep you warm and protected in style!