New Platform

Designed for life at sea

The next generation of Sea-Doo

Redesigned for how you ride, the newest Sea-Doo models, now including the GTI, GTR and WAKE models, feature more usable space, superior stability, easy-access storage, and a sound system that sings. Stretch your legs, head into rougher waters, bring more snacks, and play louder tracks – this is your Sea-Doo Life, after all.

Space to sprawl out

Configurable. Comfortable. Groundbreaking.

With comfy, modular 3-up seating, and a useful and large swim platform, the newest design makes hanging out just as fun as riding around.

Stable at its core

At Rest. At Speed. Always Steady.

Our most stable platform ever is the industry standard in rough waters. So whether you’re parked in a cove or hauling at speed, these Sea-Doo models feel steady and sure. Even with three on board or someone boarding, it’ll stay true.

Sound? Check.

Integrated. Bluetooth. Waterproof.

Ride to the beat of your own drum with the BRP audio premium system. With the swipe of a finger, create the vibe you want with the industry’s first manufacturer-installed, truly waterproof, bluetooth‡ audio system.