Switch® Cruise

Starting at $26,999

MSRP on entry package, transportation and preparation fees may vary based on selection.

Commodity surcharge starting at $2,700 will apply.

Taking your on-water journey with friends and family to a new level of comfort and convenience. *Trailer included in the MSRP

Kick Back

Life on the water made easy in ways you never expected.

All-Out Comfort

Lounge, relax, soak - however you take in the Sea-Doo Life, the Switch Cruise is outfitted to help your family do it with unmatched comfort, convenience and style on the water.

More Fun

Rediscover family fun in a new way

Unplug and reconnect

Family and friends are the fundamentals of creating memorable moments. Switch Cruise helps you seize the opportunity by unlocking amazing new adventures and ways to enjoy the water together.

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switch cruise

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1 Choose length

Which length is right for me?

How much capacity do you need? The length of the deck and capacity go hand in hand. The longer the boat, the more capacity, and storage, you get.

  • 18 FT
  • 21 FT

2 Select engine

How much power do I need?

Find the right engine based on the intended usage of your pontoon.

  • 100 HP
  • 170 HP
  • 230 HP

3 Pick a color

Which color do I want?

The Switch Cruise comes in 3 colors.

  • Caribbean Blue
  • Neon Yellow
  • Coral Blast

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It's Simple

Intuitive design lets you focus on what's important

Stress doesn't deserve a place on the water. The simple, intuitive Switch handling is so second nature, it's like riding a bike. Easy to steer, dock, launch and load.

Life Changes

Stylish, adaptable versatility

As families and adventures transform, so does the Switch Cruise. With an astounding array of innovative, modular accessories to fit your changing needs, it can be easily adapted to any adventure.

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    Starting at $23,999

    Transport and preparation not included.
    Commodity surcharge starting at $2,700 will apply.

    Geared and styled for the the active adventurer with watersports-ready features and spacious versatility. *Trailer included in the MSRP