How do you dock a Sea-Doo?

As much fun as your new Sea-Doo watercraft is out on the water, it’s inevitable that you’ll eventually step off the craft, whether it’s to grab lunch at a waterside restaurant, wait at the launch ramp, or refuel at a gas dock. Knowing how to properly secure your craft at the dock will not only ensure your craft stays put until you return but also avoid any damage to the craft.

All Sea-Doo watercraft feature convenient, integrated tie-downs to easily secure a dock line. Look for these rigid tie-down loops below the handlebars, where they can be easily accessed from a seated position on the saddle. Dock lines with looped ends can be quickly passed through these tie-downs to establish a secure connection to your craft before being tied off to a cleat or post at the dock. Once secure, add a second dock line at the stern of the craft, using your Sea-Doo’s integrated aft tow point or U-bolt.

Avoid looping a dock line around your Sea-Doo’s steering column or using the craft’s aft grab handles. In addition to the cosmetic wear that can occur from the movement of the rope against these surfaces, the steering column wasn’t designed to be stressed in this manner.

One simple, effective choice of dock lines are Sea-Doo Dock Ties. Featuring a convenient loop at each end, these 4’ cushioned lines include an internal elastic shock cord to keep your craft firmly snugged up against the dock while still accommodating wave action. Dual floats keep Dock Ties atop the water should they accidentally be dropped.

As to protecting your craft from any scuffs or scratches, secure a pair of fenders between the craft’s rub rail and the dock’s surface. While traditional marine fenders may work best for rougher conditions, the typical calmer conditions seen at most docks can perhaps best be handled by Sea-Doo’s convenient, easy-to-stow Snap-In Fenders . These bright orange, foam fenders snap easily into place along the craft’s perimeter rub rail to cushion your craft from damage, and just as easily remove and fit into your Sea-Doo’s storage compartments when not in use.

Stopping off at the dock is just part of the overall fun experience that is the Sea-Doo lifestyle. With the proper dock lines, fenders and tie-up technique, you can ensure your craft will not only stay put while at the dock, but also remain scratch and ding-free.

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