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On entry package, transportation and preparation not included.

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The ultimate top-of-the-line racing watercraft combines power, handling and control like nothing else on the water. And with the 300-hp Rotax 1630 ACE engine, nothing else will come close to you on the buoy course.

*RXP-X 300 package shown

The most powerful engine on a Sea-Doo, ever

Rotax 1630 ACE engine

Supercharged with an external intercooler, the advanced combustion efficiency (ACE) technology delivers high efficiency and amazing acceleration. This is the most powerful engine on a Sea-Doo producing a thrilling 300-hp.

Complete rider-centric experience

Ergolock system

Become one with the machine by locking in your body for better handling and more control, thanks to a narrow racing seat, specially angled footwell wedges and adjustable ergonomic steering.

Raise the bar

Racing handlebar with adjustable riser

With up to 3 inches (73 mm) of vertical adjustment range, the telescopic steering system is ready to face the demanding conditions faced by riders of any size.

Stay glued to the water

T3 hull - performance and precision

Ready, set, race. A deep v-shaped hull—the favorite of our Sea-Doo racers—allows unmatched control and precision for the sharpest turns and unrivaled handling.

Corner like a champ

Adjustable x sponsons

An efficient design that improves cornering stability. Offers 3-position adjustability based on skill level and riding environment: higher for a more playful freeride experience or lower for sharper turns. Winglet feature also enhances lean angles during turning.

Fine tuning at your fingertips

Variable trim system with launch control

Quickly access the variable trim system (VTS) on the handlebar for fine-tuned handling based on rider preference, water conditions, and number of passengers. Plus a handlebar-activated launch control to provide perfectly controlled acceleration.

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    Starting at $15,899

    Transportation and preparation not included.

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    Starting at $12,399

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