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Doo It Right: Sea-Doo Dock Lines & Bumpers

Docking and launching your watercraft can be one of the most intimidating things about owning a Sea-Doo watercraft. It doesn’t need to be that way. With the right equipment and a few tips from our experts, you’ll be docking your Sea-Doo like a pro with a little practice.

Making your life on the water easier is what Sea-Doo accessories are all about. Our dock lines and bumpers are no different. Not only with they make the process easier on you, they’ll make life easier on your watercraft as well by preventing dock rash and other cosmetic and even mechanical damage, too.

Sea-Doo Docking and Mooring Must-Haves

Dock ties – an essential piece of equipment for any watercraft, Sea-Doo dock ties are the perfect length and offer an ideal amount of elasticity to keep your watercraft secure to its mooring points while still allowing enough movement in order to avoid hard tugs that can potentially loosen components or cause other damage to the watercraft. They float, too.

Speed Ties – A Sea-Doo exclusive docking system. This retractable dock tie system is the next level of ease when it comes to securing your watercraft to a dock or pier. With 5.5 feet (1.7 m) of retractable, durable dock line, Sea-Doo speed ties seamlessly integrate to your watercraft at the helm and transom. They also ensure you’ll never be caught without a dock line, never have to untangle a mess and they free up valuable storage on your watercraft.

Sea-Doo Snap-In Fenders – The easiest way to protect your watercraft from damage at the dock. These easy-to-install fenders are purpose built for Sea-Doo watercraft and effortlessly secure snugly at the exact points most likely to contact the dock at the helm and stern of the watercraft. They float and their bright orange color makes them easy to see if they ever drop in the water. Their compact size allows them to be stored easily onboard without taking up too much cargo space.

Sea-Doo Docking Tech

It’s not just accessories that make your life on the water easier when it comes to docking, your Sea-Doo watercraft with iBR is already equipped to make docking, launching and loading a piece of cake.

iBR stands for “Intelligent Brake and Reverse,” and it completely revolutionized the way we operate watercraft in marina and around the pier when in launched in 2009. It is still one of the most celebrated innovations in watercraft safety and operation. It even received U.S. Coast Guard award for innovation in boating safety for the way it allowed effortless operation in docking situation and more quickly slow down watercraft at speed.

The Sea-Doo Life is all about discovering new experiences on the water – whether you’re a seasoned boater or it’s your first solo ride. Today it’s giving the world even more reasons to get out and enjoy it.

For more information, contact your Sea-Doo dealer.