Rec Lite

Spark something special

Compact yet mighty, the lightweight Spark has just what you need to get the party started at a price that will float your boat. Steer your way to good times out on the waves with a brand new Sea-Doo Spark.

Sea-Doo Spark

The easiest way to the water

The Spark is designed to make the water accessible and fun for everyone! It's lightweight and compact, making it easy to own and tow. Bring on those twists and turns!

Fun-sized price

Adventure you can afford

Fun is more affordable than ever! Bring home the lightest and most fuel-efficient personal watercraft on the water for a price that beats our competition. The Sea-Doo Spark is big on thrills and easy on the wallet.

Effortless ownership

We kept it simple

With its compact size and design, storing the Sea-Doo Spark is easy without being squeezy. Its light weight makes it an easy personal watercraft to tow behind almost any vehicle, making it the perfect plus one to any adventure.

Mean, green water machine

Eco-friendly by design

Less rubber. The Spark is designed with a fully recyclable and durable Polytec hull. Powered by the Sea-Doo Rotax 900 ACE family of engines, it's also the most fuel-efficient watercraft out there!

Sea-Doo Rec Lite Lineup



    Starting at £6,707

    Starting at £6,707

    Transportation and preparation not included.

    Fun to ride and easy to tow with most sedans, the SPARK is designed to make the most out of your summer on the water.



    Starting at £9,007

    Starting at £9,007

    Transportation and preparation not included.

    The one-of-a-kind SPARK TRIXX™ makes pulling off tricks so easy and so much fun, you’ll never want the day to end.

Sea-Doo Accessories

Redefine Fun

Your ride. Your way

Dream it. Build it. Ride it.