Sea-Doo Summer

This summer’s original series showcases just some of the things you can do and places you can visit with a Sea-Doo.

Sport Fishing

Get hooked

The new 2022 FishPro Lineup has something for everyone. Reel in even more excitement thanks to cutting-edge design and fishing specific features, that will let you get even closer to the action.

Live the
Sea-Doo life

An ocean of possibilities

Your Sea-Doo Life is all about good times, rides, and making it your own. There's no wrong way to live it. So hop on your sea scooter and come ride.

Keep the fun afloat

Responsible riding 101

We know you can’t wait to start adventuring on your Sea-Doo water scooter. But if you wanna rule the waves, you gotta learn the rules.