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To personnalize your Sea-Doo, you don't know where to start? With these Experience Packages, we bring you the essentials for fishing, touring or simply enjoying your Sea-Doo life, even after summer

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Dive in

Dive into serious fun with our new line-up, featuring the highest standard in watercraft technology, including the performance-driven new RXP-X.

Keep the fun afloat

Responsible riding 101

We know you can’t wait to start adventuring on your Sea-Doo, but if you wanna rule the waves, first you’ve gotta learn the rules.

SPARK your sense of adventure

Find fun at every turn with Sea-Doo SPARK.

The industry's most affordable watercraft is built to quench your thirst for adventure.

The 2021 FISH PRO

Get hooked on FISH PRO

A fishing experience that’ll have you hooked. Cover more water, catch more fish, and have a blast while doing it with Sea-Doo FISH PRO