Sea-Doo Santa’s Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas

    1- Don’t let being hangry ruin your day on the water. With the quick, easy-to-attach and roomy Sea-Doo LinQ Cooler you’ll have plenty of space for snacks and drinks to keep those hunger pains at bay and enjoy a day of play

    Sea-Doo 4.2 Gal (16 L) LinQ Cooler


    According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, there is nearly 100,000 miles of coastline (saltwater and freshwater) in the United States. Having all these waterways and coastal regions in our backyard means more places for us Sea-Doo owners to ride, explore, fish, play outdoors or just lay back, relax and enjoy all of nature’s beauty.

    There are so many incredible coastal areas, rivers and lakes to plan a Sea-Doo riding, and we would love to share them all, but for now we’ll start with top must-see destinations in four U.S. states: Florida, Arizona, Georgia and Michigan that offer experiences unlike any other. 



    Marco Island

    Explore surreal structures in the Gulf of Mexico. The famed Dome House of Cape Romano was built in the 1980s by an eccentric millionaire and was completely self-sustaining and solar-powered. The home was constructed on beachfront land, but after several hurricanes the sea reclaimed the beach and the domed structures with it. The eerily, beautiful structures are a popular destination to visit, and can only be accessed by boat or PWC. Photo credit: Andy Morffew

    Sea-Doo SPARK – A Watercraft Dream Come True


    It was small. It was nimble. It was colorful. It was surprisingly affordable. And it was so bold, it stirred up a revolution that sent a seismic wave through the personal watercraft (PWC) market and reinvigorated a sluggish PWC industry.  The way we would all look at personal watercraft would forever be changed by a watercraft that was half the size, and nearly half the price of a regular PWC that was available on the market at the time. This industry-innovating watercraft designed by BRP Sea-Doo was aptly named SPARK and spark a new way to play on the water, that was accessible to so many, was born. 

    The 2014 Sea-Doo SPARK – infusing the personal watercraft market with vibrant style and its lightweight design adapted to the rider’s  every move.

    Fishing trip with Andrew Hill

    Sea-Doo FISH PRO Ambassador Andrew Hill Goes Fishing


    It’s a whole new way to fish and excitement for the FISH PRO is spreading around the world.

    Destination Sea-Doo Life: Chattanooga

    The Other Side of the Tracks Year


    Riding on the Tennessee River with views of downtown Chattanooga.


    Chattanooga is at a crossroads. This city has seen more than its fair share of waves purely for where it sits in southern Tennessee.  And it’s the perfect family destination for an incredibly rich and memorable Sea-Doo experience.

    Chattanooga has been in the middle of it all during the industrial revolution and on the outskirts as the technological revolution pushed through. Now this once transient town in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains is a enjoying a thriving rebirth of beautiful proportions.