Amber Torrealba's Florida Adventure

Since relocating to Dana Point, California, three-time skimboarding world champion Amber Torrealba has felt drawn back to her native Florida. We set up a multi-day river trip in her home state so she could rekindle childhood memories after seven years away. Powered by the Sea-Doo Explorer Pro, Amber and her gang got to ride some of the Sunshine State’s less-traveled waterways, dive into crystal-clear springs and skimboard past alligators. It was everything she remembered — and more.

Seen in this episode

  • Explorer Pro 170

    Explorer Pro 170

    Starting at $20,999

    Starting at $20,999

    Transport and preparation not included.
    Commodity surcharge starting at $810 will apply.

    The Explorer Pro 170 redefines the idea of long-distance riding. Thoughtfully engineered to create ingenious ways to carry more gear, discover new waterways and open miles of new possibilities.

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