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Sea‑Doo "To Doo" List

Whatever adventure on or near the water you fancy, a Sea-Doo makes the adventure that much better. With a unique perspective, remote locations and more, Sea-Doo Ambassador Nick Taylor and his friends joined Boating Magazine for three epic Sea-Doo Life adventures – fishing, camping and watersports – that should top anyone’s “To Doo” list.

With LinQ coolers loaded and Sea-Doo trailer in tow, Nick and his crew head to boat ramp in search of a morning bite. The best part about fishing from a Sea-Doo is just getting to those secret fishing spots. It doesn’t get more fun. A close second is how close fishing from a Sea-Doo allows you to get to the action. And you don’t necessarily need a Fish Pro to fish. As Nick shows us, any Sea-Doo model can be outfitted with versatile accessories for an awesome fishing adventure.

Nothing says adventure quite like a night sleeping out under the stars. When you’ve got a Sea-Doo to get you there, suddenly there are more opportunities and locations for a bonfire and roasted marshmallows on the beach. Nick and friends hit up one of their favorite secluded islands for a night out together with plenty of smiles and laughs to remember. If camping isn't already on your "To Doo" list, it's time to add it!

In the morning, it’s time for more sun and more smiles for Nick and co. as they break out the wake skates and tubes in search of some glassy water to start the day. The stoke level is high as they depart their campsite and make their way across the Florida waters looking for that perfect spot. It doesn’t take long for the ropes to be tossed in the water, and friends are throwing down runs and trading smiles on the tubes. As they head for home, covered in sun burns and smiles, it’s obvious this Sea-Doo Life weekend was one to remember.

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