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Sea‑Doo Adventure: Hydrofoiling Texas-Sized Tanker Waves

Sea-Doo Ambassador Nick Taylor gathers his crew and heads for one of the most unique experiences on the water: Catching waves in one of the world's busiest shipping waterways.

Sea-Doo Ambassador Nick Taylor along with friends Parks Bonifay, Brian Grubb and Guenther Oaka are no strangers to daring stunts and tricks on the pro wakeboard circuits around the world. The crew recently teamed up for one of their favorite daredevil-style adventures and hit the road to Galveston, Texas in search of cargo ships. Their mission: Catch the wakes created by the massive 1000-foot vessels on their way into port and ride them as long as possible – sometimes up to 10 miles at a time. Using their Sea-Doo to tow them and their foil boards into the waves, they hit the jackpot on the #SeaDooLife adventure of a lifetime.

The growing sport of hydrofoiling is quickly becoming a favorite way to catch a wave all over the world. As Sea-Doo Ambassador Nick Taylor and his friends – Parks Bonifay, Brian Grubb and Guenther Oaka – discovered, when you pair it with the Sea-Doo Life, it can make for one amazing wave session.

Taylor and his crew loaded up their foil boards and headed to the sunny shores of Galveston, Texas, with Sea-Doo in tow. Just off the coast of Galveston is one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes where 1,000-foot tanker ships throw out wakes big enough to ride if you’ve got the right tools and the know-how to catch them.

Using their Sea-Doo Wake Pro to tow them up to speed into those waves, these “Tanker Boys” caught the wave set of their lives riding the waves for miles at a time. Foiling along these massive boats for miles at a time is With some of the world’s busiest shipping lanes and a full schedule of 1,000-foot vessels sailing the waters on the daily, the massive size of these ships set off a wake capable of producing rideable waves for miles at a time – if you’ve got the tools and know-how to catch one.

These slow rolling wakes don’t offer enough momentum on their own to paddle yourself into them. Instead, the guys take turns towing each other up to speed with their Sea-Doo WAKE Pro 230. Once into the wave, they kiss the tow rope goodbye and let the water take them on the ride of a lifetime.

Even with the dangers that come with the close proximity to these gigantic ships and the sharks that follow them in from the ocean, there’s something addictive about enjoying the adventure with friend when there’s no crowds to compete for your wave. Armed with a prepared plan and solid knowledge of the waters, it’s an experience beyond compare.

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