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Jeremiah Davis

Age: 28 years old

Hometown: Los Angeles

Current Sea-Doo Model: GTR

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How did your interest in PWCs start?
PWC's have always been apart of my once in a life time destination trips but always in a quick touristy way. I always was curious of the adventure and exploration side of PWC's and now thats what I get to do.

What are your favorite activities on the water?
Surf, Listen to music and cruise.

Who makes up your typical riding crew?
Whoever is ready to send. Being in Venice Beach, CA the most available people win and thats usually who I take out.

Favorite place to ride?
Lake Powell and Catalina Island.

Dream place to ride?

Describe your life away from the water:
Touring with Music artists or shooting commercial campaigns for brands. In my free time I'm either skydiving, snowboarding or spending quality time with close friends.

What’s your one must-have accessory for your Sea-Doo?
Sound system. If you don't have one of those are you really Sea-dooing?

What’s one innovation you’d like to see on a Sea-Doo that doesn’t currently exist?
Push to talk radios between everyone in your group.

Favorite place to eat?
Market Restaurant in Venice Beach

First artist you add to your play list?
"Memories" - 347 Aidan

Celebrity or person you’d most like to ride with?
DJ Khaled