Always More In Store

It's tough to admit when it's time to store your Sea-Doo for the season, here's how to do it right and ensure plenty of new adventures next season.

How To: Sea-Doo Storage

Don't think of it as the end of this season - getting your next season off on the right foot starts with properly storing your Sea-Doo watercraft. These steps will help you get it done right and make sure you're ready for that first ride when the sun sparkles on the water next spring.

XPS Maintenance Products

Take the easy way

All your storage needs in one place from the people who know your watercraft best: XPS

We're there for you

Your BRP dealer is here to help

Not the DIY type? No problem! Just drop your watercraft off at your local Sea-Doo dealer and let their team of service pros get to work. Your watercraft will be ready to ride as soon as you are next season.

Discover Your New Sea-Doo Life

Ready to live the Sea-Doo Life a little larger? Check out the latest industry-defining watercraft on tap for 2021.

Trade In and Trade Up

Upgrade to a ride where every carve through the waves is smoother, every adventure is a little longer and the fun factor soars a whole lot higher. That, my friend, is living the Sea-Doo Life in 2021. Are you in?