Where can you ride a Sea-Doo?

Your brand new Sea-Doo is raring to go! But you may be wondering, “Where can I use a personal watercraft in my area?” Even if you don’t live near water, there are more options out there than you think.

First off, your Sea-Doo can go on fresh water AND salt water, so you can alternate, depending on where you live, whether it be lake, rivers or oceans.

Start close to home

If possible, begin by riding your PWC near where you live. When you're a new rider, it's always nice to be able to run home if you need extra gear or accessories. Scope out your regional lakes, rivers and beaches on a map app. Join your local boating club and ask about where to ride a watercraft near you. Sign up for online PWC forums and see where your fellow Sea-Dooers are hitting the waves.

Find new adventures

You'll come to realize that owning a Sea-Doo really opens up new opportunities and horizons. After taking a few spins on your Sea-Doo watercraft, you'll probably be itching for unchartered waters far and wide! Here are some suggestions for finding and enjoying prime new watercraft spots with our Uncharted Adventures.

Anywhere is perfect

Sea-Doo PWC are right at home in both fresh water and salt water. That means you can ride in any body of water, so the possibilities are pretty endless. You could even go island hopping!

See and do more

You can do a lot more than just ride around in circles. There’s so much you can experience on your PWC, from fishing and wakeboarding to tubing and snorkeling. Plus, we have all the accessories and riding gear you need for every type of use.

Be prepared

Remember to bring the essentials when going out exploring for the day. That includes food and drinking water.

Play safe

Always ride smart and safe on the water. It's the best way to have a blast!

Responsible fun on the water

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Basic maintenance tips for your Sea-Doo

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