Sea-Doo GTI Receives “Watercraft of the Year” Award

    The completely redesigned Sea-Doo GTI was recently named Watercraft Journal’s “Watercraft of the Year” for 2020.

    Kevin Shaw and his team of enthusiasts at the Watercraft Journal spend hours upon hours evaluating PWCs from each manufacturer in the market every season. Each is scored on several factors including innovation, design, execution and affect on the overall market. For 2020, the GTI lead the way scoring 38 out of a possible 40 points in their evaluation.

    What makes the 2020 GTI worthy of such a high distinction according to Watercraft Journal?


    “Awarding the 2020 Sea-Doo GTI SE 170 as The Watercraft Journal’s Watercraft of The Year was unequivocally one of the easiest decisions we’ve made in years. Starting with an entirely fresh sheet of paper, Sea-Doo managed to design and execute one of the most innovative, groundbreaking and just plain enjoyable personal watercraft we’ve had the pleasure of testing. It’s not often when one PWC can please on so many levels, but the all-new 2020 GTI SE 170 (MSRP $11,399) does it – and does it right. Everything about the 2020 GTI is new; the fiberglass-stringer reinforced Polytec 2.0 hull material; the multi-strake, low-angle V-design of the hull; and the 170-horsepower, naturally-aspirated 1630 ACE engine – and everything is spot on …  the 2020 Sea-Doo GTI SE 170 is without a doubt the single-most worthy recipient of Watercraft of The Year we’ve had.”


    Fully focused on enhancing every moment of the ride for those new to watercraft ownership all the way through the most experienced riders, the Sea-Doo GTI takes every adventure two steps further.


    You can get all the latest details on the Sea-Doo GTI lineup here.

    The full Watercraft Journal review of the 2020 Watercraft of the Year contenders can be found here.

    Dear 2020,

    It’s been real. While you’ve certainly thrown us a few of the best curveballs we’ve seen in quite a while, you’ve helped our riders rediscover the freedom we crave and the passion we have for the Sea-Doo Life. Here’s some of our best from this past year to remember us by. Yes, we’re breaking up. It’s not you, it’s us… no, wait, it’s definitely you!

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    Prepping your Sea-Doo for Summer Fun

    As the weather turns warmer, our minds start to think of the Sea-Doo season ahead. Here’s your quick checklist and few tips to get your Sea-Doo ready for a new season.

    Whether you’re a DIY-er or a “I’ll contact my dealer” kind of person, following these steps in the order they’re outlined here will protect your investment in your watercraft and ensure it’s ready to perform at its best as soon as you’re ready to hit the water this season.

    You can always refer to your owner’s manual to help with this process. Your local Sea-Doo dealer is also another great resource for assistance getting your Sea-Doo ready for another season.