Prepping your Sea-Doo for Summer Fun

    As the weather turns warmer, our minds start to think of the Sea-Doo season ahead. Here’s your quick checklist and few tips to get your Sea-Doo ready for a new season.

    Whether you’re a DIY-er or a “I’ll contact my dealer” kind of person, following these steps in the order they’re outlined here will protect your investment in your watercraft and ensure it’s ready to perform at its best as soon as you’re ready to hit the water this season.

    You can always refer to your owner’s manual to help with this process. Your local Sea-Doo dealer is also another great resource for assistance getting your Sea-Doo ready for another season.


    Sea-Doo has been consistently providing the most innovative personal watercraft year after year, and 2020 is no different. Redesigned to increase your experience on the water, the newest Sea-Doo models including the GTI, GTR 230 and WAKE 170 models all come equipped with the new platform upgrades such as an increased stability, a sound system, more storage space, and the toughest hull in the game. The new platform has positioned itself the ultimate family-fun recreational watercraft.

    3 New Ways to Live the #SeaDooLife in 2020

    While many of us are redefining our everyday active outings, one definition doesn’t have to. The Sea-Doo Life is still built on sun, fun and quenching your thirst for adventure on the water. Whether it’s a family day on the waves, a couples’ getaway or a beachside BBQ, it’s all part of what makes the Sea-Doo Life the best way to experience life on the water. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for adding a new twist on your Sea-Doo Life in 2020.

    Make a meal out of it

    Nothing beats the hottest of summer weather like your favorite frozen treat while you dangle your feet off the back platform of your Sea-Doo! But the Sea-Doo Life is all about making more of every day on the water and those days shouldn’t have to be cut short for mealtime. With boatloads of storage and accessory storage options that include Sea-Doo exclusive LinQ coolers, you can enjoy snacks, refreshments or even a full meal out on the water. (Don’t believe it? Check out our Catch-Clean-Cook video and recipe for fresh-caught meals on the water!)


    Waterway backpacking

    Make 2020 the year you take the Sea-Doo Life to the next level with an overnight excursion. You might find that escape to a relaxing night on a secluded shoreline is closer than you think. While island-hopping adventures or exploring national parks by waterway might be a stretch at the moment, local regional waterways often offer plenty of opportunity to get away from it all while getting out on the water. It’s all more possible on your Sea-Doo than ever before thanks to innovative LinQ accessories like coolers, cargo boxes, bags and fuel caddies. By pushing back limitations such as fuel range and carrying capacity, your freedom and ability to explore expands beyond what other watercraft riders thought possible. Go ahead, chart your course, pack your bags and let the Sea-Doo adventure begin with your favorite riding companion!


    Beach bum for a day

    OK, maybe more than a day! Even though those beach bashes with hundreds of your besties may have to wait a little while longer, there’s still plenty of room for safely soaking up the sun. Nothing gives you the power to spread your wings on the water quite like the Sea-Doo Life. While the ride is exhilarating, the times we stop to take it all in can be just as invigorating. We know that when the sand touches your toes, it also touches your soul. Find that favorite spot, enjoy a snack, sunset and the surf. We’ll see you out on the water – from at least 6 feet away 😉

    Catch Clean Cook – Putting the “fun” in “fine dining”

    No matter how intense your Sea-Doo life gets, you still have to stop and eat. Thankfully, we’ve found a fun-filled way to combine riding and dining. In this video series, we bring our Sea-Doo FISH-PRO to new fishing destinations with a local, who then treats us to a delicious meal featuring our catch of the day. Your taste buds are in for a wild ride! Feast your eyes on our two already-released episodes, and don’t miss our upcoming videos.


    Episode 1: Living the Sea-Doo Life touches all the senses – even your taste buds


    We hit the warm waters of the Florida Keys with fishing guide Nathan Weinbaum aboard the Sea-Doo FISH PRO with dinner on our minds. As anyone who’s been fishing knows, some days don’t always go as planned. With a little persistence and just enough luck, a bad day fishing can turn into a good meal quick. Especially with this recipe for amazing ceviche made with Mutton Snapper caught earlier in the day.






    Episode 2: This is what fish must taste like on Mars


    Lake Powell has often been described as what boating on Mars would be like. The massive rock formations of varying shapes and the vast vistas with no vegetation in sight offer a boating experience unlike anywhere in the world. Bob Reed is a life-long outdoorsmen and has a deep love of Powell. Reed saw an opportunity to share his passion for the lake with others by exploring it in the most engaging and personal way possible, on Sea-Doo FISH PRO watercraft. With this, he started Up Lake Adventures, the only licensed watercraft fishing and photo charter guide service on Lake Powell.

    We joined Bob and his fleet of FISH PRO watercraft on a chilly day in November at the massive launch ramp near Page, AZ.  He talked of the weather forecast and shared his plan for the day, discussing the baits we would use, the coves we would explore, and the recipe for cooking fresh fish. What we would see and experience during this edition of Sea-Doo Catch, Clean, Cook can only be described as Epic...and epically delicious. First bite...delicious, there is nothing like eating your catch on the same day it was caught.



    How David Pike lives his Sea-Doo Life in NYC

    David Pike lived the normal ‘city’ commute for years. He was one of the 7+ million New York metro area residents that commute everyday via trains, subways, busses, cabs, and ferries to get to work. Everyday he would navigate a labyrinth of different forms of transportation for 90 minutes (each way) to get from his family home in Jersey City to his job in Brooklyn. He realized he was loosing three hours of his life simply commuting everyday.

    During an extra long commute home, Pike pulled up a map on his phone thinking there had to be a more direct way.  David sees things a bit different than most and saw the most direct path as an opportunity. The most direct path was across the Hudson River. The metaphorical light bulb lit up. A Sea-Doo. A Sea-Doo could make his daily life so much better.

    Pike’s job is ironically transportation focused as the owner of the New York Trolley Company based in Brooklyn. His trolley company specializes in unique, special event transportation experiences around New York.  His vision includes a more romantic way to experience the ‘city.’ Away from all the normal hustle and bustle and droning of the thousands of everyday forms of city transportation, his trolley company provides a, “special and unforgettable” manner to experience the city.

    Last Spring Pike purchased an early model watercraft and secured a floating dock at his private condo marina. He began commuting to Brooklyn via water with his door-to-door commute cut to a mere 20 minutes.  And this 20-minute commute is glorious. He passes the Statue of Liberty everyday as the skyline of Manhattan provides the backdrop before passing Governor’s Island and arriving at a private dock in Brooklyn.   

    Word got out about Pike’s daily commute as tour boats, ferries, and cruise ships were seeing him travel back-and-forth across the harbor, always smiling and he went viral. As David upgraded to a new Sea-Doo GTI SE and the likes of ABC News,The New York Post Inside Edition the Wallstreet Journal and CNBC and many more have been fascinated by Pike’s Sea-Doo Life. “I never choose to commute by Sea-Doo for the notoriety,” said Pike. “I simply found a better way to commute that gave me more life.”

    We caught up with David on his last crossing of the year on a cold, rainy day in late October. “It’s sad I have to go back to the normal commute,” admitted Pike. “Even on a rainy day like this it’s better to be on a Sea-Doo than an hour and a half on trains and busses. Now it sadly time to winterize my Sea-Doo and make sure its ready for next summer.”


    Thanks for sharing your Sea-Doo Life David. Perhaps we will see you at the Sea-Doo experience at the New York Boat Show January 22-26.