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Fishing trip with Andrew Hill

Sea-Doo FISH PRO Ambassador Andrew Hill Goes Fishing


It’s a whole new way to fish and excitement for the FISH PRO is spreading around the world.


Sea-Doo FISH PRO ambassador Andrew Hill recently led a group of anglers on a fishing adventure to catch Snapper and other fish in the coastal waters of New Zealand. For this fishing trip he ventured out on his brand new 2019 Sea-Doo FISH PRO and shares some of his photos from that multi-day fishing adventure as well as behind the scenes details on the development of Sea-Doo’s FISH PRO.


Andrew says, “there will be so many on the water this summer!” We agree!.

Andrew’s been fishing from personal watercraft for over a decade. In fact, he created his own custom rigging to convert a PWC into a fishing PWC. As the FISH PRO ambassador, he teamed up with the Sea-Doo product development team to provide insight on the creation of the FISH PRO. Listen as he shares the details on the Sea-Doo FISH PRO.




With Sea-Doo FISH PROs finding their way to dealers across the globe, fishing enthusiasts around the world are now able to experience fishing from a whole new perspective. As Andrew notes, they will be able to reach their fishing hole much faster among many other fishing benefits that will give fishermen and women an advantage.


Reeling in the fish from the comfortable and ergonomically designed FISH PRO.


Andrew landed a Fatty Granddaddy Hapuka during his fishing trip.

Learn more about the all-new Sea-Doo FISH PRO.

All photos, courtesy of Andrew Hill.