Whenever you see a bent rod from the seat of a watercraft in Auckland, New Zealand, there’s a good chance you’ll find Andrew Hill holding one end and the catch of the day on the other. Ever since casting his first line as a boy from the rocky New Zealand shoreline, he’s been after the big one.

    Hill has turned fishing from youthful pastime, to hobby, to meal ticket (literally and figuratively). While the 46-year-old married father of four has hooked his share of wall-hangers throughout his career, he’s fishing in somewhat unfamiliar waters thanks to the Sea-Doo FISH PRO with its ability to access shallow waters and remote fishing locations.

    “I’ve always fed a need for speed through motorsports. I really enjoy cars, road bikes and the water,” said Hill. “Sea-Doo has me really enjoying it all in one place with the sea being my true passion.”


    Anthony Radetic: Sea-Doo Brand Ambassador

    Some people choose to live life on the edge, but not many take it to the level of Anthony Radetic. For years that hunger for the ultimate adrenaline rush was fed by jumping out of planes and piloting Blackhawk helicopters in the United States Army.

    A 2004 motor vehicle accident took the use of Radetic’s legs from him abruptly changing the course of his life, but it did little to quell the thrill-seeking spirit that has defined him his entire existence. Since his accident Radetic has relentlessly continued his pursuit of the ultimate adrenaline rush through the likes of hand cycling and as a member of the U.S. Development ski team. But nothing has fed his soul quite like living the Sea-Doo Life.

    “I’m an active guy, so I’m always trying to find something exciting to do,” Radetic said.

    Today, the 40-year-old Dayton Beach native resides in Abbeville, Ala., with his family of four taking in everything the Sea-Doo Life has to offer. From heart pounding pro watercraft racing, to camping trips by water, there’s nothing the Radetic family doesn’t do full-throttle.



    Lake Powell: 

     A memory of a lifetime Sea-Doo destination. 

    If you could explore another planet aboard a Sea-Doo, would you go? We took a trip to the location that is often described as the, ‘boating on Mars’ experience. And we caught fish there too!

    As our group rode further north on Lake Powell the ‘WOWs’ continued to gain magnitude. Around every big bend there were new rock formations jetting from the waters surface of different shapes and colors. The pure vastness of the area puts you in awe. The vistas stretch for 50-plus miles in some areas and the colors would fill a painter’s pallet.  And perhaps there is no way better to experience this more personally and directly than aboard a Sea-Doo. 

    Sea-Doo Pre-Season maintenance

    For some, a whole new season of living the Sea-Doo Life is almost underway. Here are a few tips from our experts on getting your Sea-Doo prepped for a long season of fun on the water.

    If you’ve had your watercraft in seasonal storage, these tips are especially helpful for making sure the fun starts at the very first launch and keeps coming all season. 

    Summer, Sea-Doo style

    Start dreaming about summer with your Sea-Doo

    Living the Sea-Doo Life is about more than the ride. With so many ways to customize your Sea-Doo experience, we’ve compiled our list of must-haves to create your ultimate Sea-Doo adventure this summer season. You’ll be making waves with your crew by living the Sea-Doo Life the best way we know how – your way!