Sea-Doo Pre-Season maintenance

    For some, a whole new season of living the Sea-Doo Life is almost underway. Here are a few tips from our experts on getting your Sea-Doo prepped for a long season of fun on the water.

    If you’ve had your watercraft in seasonal storage, these tips are especially helpful for making sure the fun starts at the very first launch and keeps coming all season.


    Start with Spark Plugs

    Spark plugs are the key to igniting your season. If you haven’t changed them in a couple season, a fresh set is a good first step to ensuring you won’t be stuck on the trailer when you go drop it in the water for the first time. If your Sea-Doo has any starting issues when you take it out of winter storage, this is the first place to start. Spark plug replacement is inexpensive and will keep your watercraft running strong all season. LINK TO PLUGS

    Charged and Ready

    Hopefully at the end of last season, you removed your battery from your Sea-Doo watercraft and kept it connected to a battery tender (or trickle charger) in a dry place for long term storage. If you did, chances are you’re good to hook it up and go for the season.

    If you left your battery in your Sea-Doo during storage, it’s not time to panic yet. Remove the battery from the watercraft and hook it up to a battery tender to see if it will hold a charge. If it does, you’re one of the lucky ones and can be on your way. If not, it’s time for a new battery.


    Max Performance from the Start


    Wear rings and impellers will simply wear out over time, especially if you find yourself riding in shallow water often. Debris of any size running through these parts on your Sea-Doo can accelerate wear and degrade performance.

    In order to ensure maximum performance, it’s recommended to have these items inspected before the start of each season, so you don’t lose valuable time on the water later. Your certified Sea-Doo dealer is the perfect place for inspection, and replacement if needed.

    Time for a Change

    If you didn’t change the oil in your 4-stroke Sea-Doo engine when you put it away for storage, now is the time. XPS Oil Change Kits give you everything you need to get the job done in one box, including XPS synthetic blend oil, oil filter and O-rings. It’s perfect for the DIY-er or can be completed at your local Sea-Doo dealer.

    Pre-Ride Check

    Once all the above are completed, there’s one last thing to ensure that first ride of the season is absolutely epic: A run through your pre-ride checklist provided in your Sea-Doo owner’s manual. After verifying all the essentials are in good working order, there’s only one thing left to do: Hit the water!

    Summer, Sea-Doo style

    Start dreaming about summer with your Sea-Doo

    Living the Sea-Doo Life is about more than the ride. With so many ways to customize your Sea-Doo experience, we’ve compiled our list of must-haves to create your ultimate Sea-Doo adventure this summer season. You’ll be making waves with your crew by living the Sea-Doo Life the best way we know how – your way!

    Bring your own party

    The party doesn’t start until the music starts bumping! With Sea-Doo’s exclusive BRP Audio - Portable System you can add to your SPARK, you can take the party wherever you want. From poolside to the beach, out on the water, and back for a sunset toast on the balcony, you’ll bring the party wherever you go. With 50 watt and Bluetooth connectivity, it’s a good time just waiting to happen.

    Inflate the fun

    From relaxation to wet ‘n wild, Sea-Doo’s newest line of inflatables amps up enjoyment on the water to suit your mood. With relaxation stations featuring built-in Bluetooth sound systems and a variety of towables, there’s a fun-soaked adventure ahead the whole family can get on board with.

    Keep it cool

    That seaside table for two is closer than you think – and can be anywhere you want – with the Sea-Doo LinQ Cooler options. Available in 4.2-gal or 13.5-gal configurations, you’re now able to refuel with refreshments on the go or set your sights on meal with an ocean view. It gives a family picnic at the beach or dinner for two in your favorite lagoon no just a possibility, but a reality ready for your own personal touch.

    Let the adventure drive you

    You may not always know what the day has in store for you, but you’ll be prepared for any adventure the Sea-Doo Life throws at you with the latest LinQ storage accessories. With enough room to pack for an all-day outing or even an overnight excursion, there’s no end to the Sea-Doo adventure in sight. Choose from 4.2 gal up to 5.5 gal of hard sided or semi-rigid cargo solutions that easily mount on the back of your Sea-Doo thanks to the exclusive LinQ mounting system. Or really go the distance with the LinQ Stackable Fuel Caddy that allows you to carry up to 4 additional gallons of fuel, plus, still stack your LinQ storage bag or box on top. Suddenly your days on the water just got a lot longer!


    Pro Sea-Doo Racer Andrea Dominguez

    Woman on a Mission: Andrea Dominguez

    You’ll have to forgive Andrea Dominguez for not being the Barbie Doll-loving type. The Bogota, Columbia, native was born into a motorsports-loving family and has refused to let anything get in her way as she’s brushed aside doubts at every turn.

    She decided from an early age that nothing would hold her back in life. She took after her older brother chasing a rush of adrenaline every chance she could and immersed herself into the motorsports world full-throttle.



    The Sea-Doo FISH PRO won the 2019 Miami International Boat Show NMMA Innovation Award. © BRP 2018


    Miami, FL, February 21, 2019 – BRP created a new segment in the personal watercraft industry and won its unprecedented ninth National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Innovation Award for PWC at the 2019 Miami International Boat Show for its Sea-Doo FISH PRO. The award honors manufacturers who bring new and innovative products that move the boating industry forward. The new recreational sport fishing FISH PRO model makes fishing easier and more accessible with smart design features at an affordable price.

    “With fishing being the most popular on-water activity, Sea-Doo is the first to create a purpose-built small craft fishing machine that’s just as happy inshore as offshore,” said innovation award judge and editor of Boating World Magazine, Alan Jones.

    “Sea-Doo is world renown for introducing meaningful innovation that enhances the on-water experience,” said Marc R. Lacroix, Global Marketing Director for Sea-Doo and Ski-Doo at BRP. “We are honored to receive our 9th NMMA Innovation Award. It’s a testament to our steadfast commitment to growing the industry and introducing new innovative watercraft that help water lovers to live the best Sea-Doo Life.”


    The Sea-Doo FISH PRO is the first personal watercraft outfitted for recreational fishing from the factory and includes a host of innovative features and design elements that give fishermen an unfair advantage. Easy to prepare, launch, load and operate make the FISH PRO easy to own and allows anglers more time to fish. Fishing from a FISH PRO is exciting as the angler is close to the action and getting to the fish is more fun..

    Key innovative features include a premium 13.5 US gal. LinQ system cooler with recessed work surface and four adjustable position rod holders, Garmin° ECHOMAP° fish finder and navigation system, oversized fuel tank, bench seat and side footrest, and trolling mode.

    And the fun doesn’t stop when the fish stop biting; the FISH PRO is versatile, based on the award winning ST3 hull platform featuring incredible stability and spacious 27-gallon direct access front storage. The FISH PRO can be transformed into a premium touring and tow-sport machine in seconds to extend the Sea-Doo Life for the entire family.  

    For more information on the award-winning Sea-Doo FISH PRO click here.


    Upping the Fun on the Sea-Doo SPARK

    SPARK Gets the LinQ System and Accessories


    2019 SPARK equipped with BRP Portable Audio System and LinQ system shown here with storage bag.