Sea-Doo Switch Pontoons

The pontoon boat built for customised adventures

Full-Featured Fun for All

The pontoon with the heart of a Sea-Doo

The space of a pontoon with the attitude of a Sea-Doo PWC personal watercraft. That means plenty of room for friends and family to share in the thrills and excitement of every adventure.

It's Simple

Effortless, intuitive and stress-free handling

Stress doesn't deserve a place on the water. The simple, intuitive Switch handling is so second nature, it's like riding a bike. Easy to steer, dock, launch and load.

Own Every Inch

Fully customizable from rail to deck

As families and adventures transform, so does the Switch. With an astounding array of innovative, modular accessories to fit your family's needs, it can be easily adapted to any adventure.

Easy to dock. Easy to love.


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  • Switch Cruise

    Switch Cruise

    Starting at $113,999

    Starting at $113,999

    Taking your on-water journey with friends and family to a new level of comfort and convenience. *Trailer included in the RRP


Switch wins 2022 Boat of the Year

What made the Sea-Doo Switch Boating Magazine’s 2022 Boat of the Year? One word: accessibility. The Switch garnered high praise for its competitive price, easy docking and flexible layout.

2022 Minneapolis Boat Show

Sea-Doo Switch Pontoons were honored at the 2022 Minneapolis Boat Show with the NMMA's Innovation Award recognizing its groundbreaking features and family-friendly accessibility in the boating market.

Switch Deep Dive Review

Peter McKinnon breaks down all the details that make Sea-Doo Switch pontoons a Sea-Doo Life experience unlike anything else on the water.


Switch Adventures

Discover just how unique the Switch experience can be with friends and family.

The Yancy family took to the water to experience exactly how the Sea-Doo Switch could enhance their family adventures. The variety of fun, ease of use and style fit their needs to a T.

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  • Storing & Transport
    Launching and loading your Switch pontoon

    Launching and loading your Switch pontoon

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