Tow Sports

Hang on for a wild ride

Ride the Wake

There’s an undertow of excitement whenever the Wake is around. It’s also the heavyweight champion when it comes to pulling waterskiing and Wakeboarding fanatics. Grab on to the Sea-Doo life!

Sea-Doo Tow Sports Lineup

  • Wake Pro

    Wake Pro

    Starting at $28,954

    Starting at $28,954

    The Wake Pro model delivers the industry's most stable ride for tow sports. With plenty of power and extra room to prep for your next run, this model delivers a watersports experience like no other.

Get your shred on

Tow like never before

Whether you rip, ski or board, take your tow sessions to the next level with the Wake models exclusive tow-focused features like Ski Mode, a LinQ Ski Pylon and Board Rack.

Turn it up

100-Watt Bluetooth Audio System

No shred session is complete without your favorite jams. Bring 100 watts of crystal clear sound to the water with a factory-installed Bluetooth audio system. Plus, keep your phone dry with a watertight phone compartment.

Your ride. Your way

Dream it. Build it. Ride it.